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All women wants to have beautiful hair, when experiencing hair loss
it's only natural to want your hair back. Wigs or hair extensions of course are the perfect solution. Shop all at

We understand that using a wig might be a big adjustment for many, but we assure you that in time you will grow to love your hair piece. In some cases, a client's hair will grow back but they will still continue to use wigs because of the comfort, variety and ease that it afforded them. It is important to give yourself time to adjust to the difference that wearing a wig brings, but above all it is important that you view this as a journey and that you try and enjoy every minute of it.

 For those with moderate to severe hair loss, double monofilament or 100% hand-tied caps are ideal, especially for those experiencing scalp sensitivity. They are extremely light-weight, more comfortable and softer to the touch than regular traditional or cap-less wigs. No matter what causes your hair loss, whether it is the result of chemotherapy for cancer treatment, alopecia, medications or something else, wigs really can help you look and feel like yourself

If your scalp is sensitive, you will want to look for.
**Features such as: double monofilament, as the soft sheer material is doubled over to make it pleasant against your scalp. It's also very important to have velvet or soft ear tabs.
Most people prefer synthetic hair. It's easier to maintain and less expensive. Most synthetic wigs have their style molded into them, but some can be restyle. Synthetic hair wigs are perfect for getting style that lasts. Synthetic hair also dries faster than real hair. Well-made synthetic wigs may look real, most synthetic hair options are designed to be ready to wear right out of the box. And the innovations in synthetic fiber make it nearly undetectable from human hair.